About Us

Why do we need Horse Connexion?

In recent years, it has been realized that ordinary horse owners/riders, even those working in the equine industry, can find it very difficult to access and apply the valuable recommendations arising from equine research. The gap between scientists and practical horse people makes it very difficult for research results to be put into practice.

Horse Connexion aims to improve the welfare of horses and quality of riding and instruction by translating scientific knowledge into easily accessible information that can be applied by riding teachers, riding school managers, riders, horse owners and others to improve the management, training and use of horses in their care as well as to improve the quality of riding and instruction.

Horse Connexion provides a platform for horse scientists all over the world to disseminate their results to a wide public.

Horse Connexion will be produced in English, Swedish and Dutch, and presents the results of published equine research and provide information about ongoing research projects. We will also include news items, for example about books, seminars and other interesting activities taking place in Europe. Interested persons can receive an e-mail every time the web-site is updated (see under Research News). We will try to make these alerts specific to the interests of a person so he/she only receives an e-mail if the update contains items of his/her interest. The website is self-sustainable in terms of funding.

Who’s behind Horse Connexion?

The website is an initiative of Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis. Mari is an international riding instructor (Level 3) with long experience of teaching riding. For the last ten years she was teaching pedagogy in the education of riding teachers at the National Equestrian Centre in Strömsholm, Sweden. Recently she also studied didactics in horse riding and cooperation between horse and rider.

Andrea Ellis also contributes to Horse Connexion. Andrea has a PhD in Equine Nutrition and has worked in the Netherlands as a scientific researcher in equine nutrition, husbandry and welfare for the last 4 years. She is now working as a senior lecturer in Equine Science at Nottingham Trent University.

Kathalijne Visser-Riedstra is also contributing to HorseConnexion as an editor and a writer. Kathalijne finished her PhD `Horsonality´ in 2002 at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht. At present she is working as an equine scientist at the Animal Sciences Group in the Netherlands

Horse Connexion will also be supported by a reference group of equine scientists from different countries.